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Our Favourite Projects of 2021

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on what a ride it has been! 2021 threw some challenges at everyone but as we come to the end of it, we are pleased to see that everyone is keeping a positive outlook on the future! 

Here are our team’s Favourite Projects and their comments from the year to inspire you ahead of your next project!

Segregating Forklifts and People in Warehouse Facility

Braden Thomas | Safety Consultant 


Our client is an international freight company with over 600 facilities worldwide.

"This project stood out to me because it was managed from Head Office during lockdown, but after my recent visit at level 2, all safety solutions have proven to be effective at protecting their team and they
are pleased with the results."

Traffic Barrier Protecting Desk Workers

Expandable Barrier Creating Exclusion ZoneTemporary and permanent barriers being used to separate vehicle and pedestrian spaces.

Temporary Roundabout Trial

Oliver McLean | Safety Consultant

Our client is a highly regarded Roading company with approximately 50,000 employees worldwide.

"This was my favourite project because it involved working with the Road Safety
Engineer to create a temporary intersection layout that could be adjusted to different

Flexible Traffic Separator - Narrow
Vanguard's modular Traffic Separators being used to trial a road layout in Porirua.


Protecting Staff and Plant From Harm

Gareth McLean | Managing Director 

Our client for this project is a highly regarded international meal-kit provider with over one million customers worldwide.

“It was great to see our d-flexx Flexible Barriers on another New Zealand site, custom-cut and ideal for a food handling environment due to their non-rust, non-chip features.”

d-flexx Mono Plus

Walkway with d-flexx
Vanguard’s d-flexx Barrier system being used to create walkways and protect valuable machinery.

Protecting Staff From Active Machinery

Brendan McLean | Safety Consultant / Director


Our client is New Zealand's largest privately-owned building product rollformer and installer.

"This site was bustling with activity so it was great to see the safety team taking forward action to protect their team and all parties were pleased with the result, a safe working environment for their team."


WalkSafe Pedestrian Handrail and Pause Gate creating a walkway for staff around active machinery.

Safety Solutions For Busy Manufacturing Area
Tim Boon | Safety Consultant

This national plastics company has been a leading figure in the industry since 1938 and have facilities across the country.

“It was great to work with a company being proactive about safety for their team, especially for a site like this with so much live equipment and workers moving about. I completed this job knowing the solution would make a difference and keep everyone on site safe.”

Traffic Barrier and Expandables

Pause Gates
WalkSafe Pause Gates, Traffic Barrier and Expandable Barriers in use to create temporary and permanent

Guiding Staff Down Busy Road
Bronté Frizzel | Safety Consultant


This client is a national railway company that move more than 18 million tonnes of freight around New Zealand annually.

“This project required an impressive 250m of our WalkSafe Handrail to deter workers
from stepping on the road so it was a big job that resulted in the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, top result.”

WalkSafe Handrail Along Busy Road

WalkSafe Handrail And Pause GateWalkSafe Pedestrian Handrail guiding foot traffic along busy freight site.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite projects for 2021! View more projects here, or if you would like to discuss your next project, get in touch today!