We Have Moved

Date: 9/08/2021

We have officially moved in to our new premises but fret not, we are only a hop, skip, and a jump from our previous location. 

Temporary Traffic Management Case Study

Date: 8/08/2021

In October 2019 a major slip on State Highway 4 around Matahiwi (Te Ore Ore) destroyed a large section of the road, forcing its closure. Vanguard Group were called upon to consult with Higgins Palmerston North on managing traffic along the highway section that was disrupted. Higgins is a New Zealand-based civil construction business that specialises in major infrastructure and road maintenance. 

Improving traffic safety with lane separators

Date: 4/08/2021

Lane separators improve traffic safety by clearly distinguishing different areas of the road and how it should be used. Whether this is to create safe zones for pedestrians, separate cycleways, or to establish different lanes for vehicles in busy areas, lane separators act as both visual and physical deterrents and guide road users on a desired route. In this blog, we’ll provide recommendations on lane separator products that are used in our engineered safety solutions to help improve the safety of all road users, including drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. 

Vanguard August Video News

Date: 2/08/2021
What's happening at Vanguard in August

Vanguard July Video News

Date: 30/06/2021
What's happening at Vanguard in July

Case Study: Farming Supplies Provider

Date: 30/06/2021

Ballance Agri-Nutrients are one of New Zealand’s leading farm nutrient suppliers. They offer a full range of soil and feed products, services, and advice tailored specifically to farmers, while also embracing the latest agri-science and technology advancements.

Trucking Safety Video

Date: 22/06/2021

Worksafe have put together a video to help educate those within the trucking industry about common risks and how they can ensure people go home healthy and safe.

When it comes to truck safety "data shows that more harm actually occurs off the road than on it". Therefore it's critical that all drivers have a proper induction to make them aware of the safety considerations for each site, including assigned traffic routes, loading/unloading procedures and pedestrian safety zones.

Soppec spot marking paint and its benefits

Date: 22/06/2021

Soppec is a safe, environmentally responsible upside-down spot marking paint that is known for its durability and visibility. It’s suitable for a wide range of marking identification work such as road works, utility locators, construction and surveying. In this blog, we explore what factors make Soppec stand out from other spot paint brands on the market.

SlowStop bollards explained

Date: 14/06/2021

SlowStop is a revolutionary, rebounding bollard, made in Texas, USA that provides a high-quality and durable solution for protecting assets and infrastructure. It’s designed to absorb the impact of a collision by using an elastomer that is hidden in the base of the unit. This reduces damage to your floor, vehicle and the bollard itself, saving ongoing maintenance costs and minimising operational delays. While a crash with a traditional rigid bollard will typically result in a damage to the concrete slab, SlowStop bollards absorb the impact leaving the bollard and surface intact. In this blog, we explore how SlowStop works and how it compares with traditional bollards.

Pedestrian Traffic Safety - temporary barrier types

Date: 10/06/2021

When it comes to workplace traffic and pedestrian safety, having a range of temporary and moveable barriers works well as they are designed to safely separate pedestrians and vehicles, without impeding daily operations. While fixed or permanent barriers are the best way to ensure your staff and visitors are separated and kept safe from moving vehicles, it is not always practical to install permanent barriers due to the size of your site and operational requirements. In this blog, we explore the different types of temporary barrier solutions available. From stanchion belts to expandable fencing, we’ll showcase the best temporary barrier options and how they are best utilised to create safe exclusion zones which WorkSafe deem a must in keeping your team safe.