Soppec spot marking paint and its benefits

Soppec is a safe, environmentally responsible upside-down spot marking paint that is known for its durability and visibility. It’s suitable for a wide range of marking identification work such as road works, utility locators, construction and surveying. In this blog, we explore what factors make Soppec stand out from other spot paint brands on the market.

Traffic safety with Soppec Spot Paint

Safe for the user

Soppec is one of the safest paint formulas on the market and is manufactured according to stringent EU standards. It is free of harmful components and is backed by an OHSAS 18001 certification for Health and Safety. It is the only paint globally certified to be free of CMR compounds (carcinogens, mutagens or toxicity to reproduction cells), therefore it doesn’t compromise the health and safety of the user or others nearby. It also does not have skin irritants in the formula, and it’s designed with an inbuilt shield that guards against the common problem of paint fingers.

Long and short term markers

Soppec has two different spot paint types available, semi-permanent and temporary, depending on the intended purpose of the paint and the preferred length of time it should last.

Semi-permanent spot marking paint:

The Soppec semi-permanent spot marker paints are designed to last for up to 12 months, even when applied to damp surfaces, meeting the highest demands for marking visibility and long-term durability. They’re typically used for all general marking identification tasks such as road works, drainage, construction and surveying. 

Temporary spot marking paint:

Soppec Tempo TP is a temporary fluoro spot marker paint. This chalk-based product is removable with a low-pressure water blaster, water and brush, or can be left to naturally fade within 2-8 weeks. It’s commonly used in urban environments and other sensitive areas where only a temporary mark is wanted. Its rapid fading helps to minimise complaints about paint marks lasting too long on footpaths, driveways and other sensitive areas.

Soppec spot paint

Environmentally friendly

With no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), Soppec paint is environmentally friendly and has no long-lasting impact on aquatic life. Products with CFCs and HFCs damage the ozone layer, resulting in potential harm to human health and the environment. Heat is also trapped in the lower atmosphere, causing the earth to warm and the climate to change. Unlike other upside down paint brands, Soppec does not include these man-made compounds. It is backed by an ISO 14001 certification for the environment and complies with strict EU environmental regulations.

Soppec Spot marking paint colour range

Colour range and visibility

Soppec is the most fluorescent and visible marker paint on the market. It’s designed to meet the highest demands for marking visibility and brightness. The inclusion of black and grey colour options also helps with the removal of existing paint.

In the semi-permanent range, there are 7 fluorescent colour options (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink) ‘Fluo TP’ and 5 non-fluorescent options (white, yellow, black, red and grey) ‘Promarker’. In the temporary range, there are 7 fluorescent colour options (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink) and 1 non-fluorescent option (white) ‘Tempo TP’.

“The guys are impressed with the stand out colour, much brighter & easier to see from the cab of a truck than our current paints.“ – Patrick (Road Marking Industry)

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Guaranteed performance

The Soppec upside-down paints can be used on asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel, sand, stone and wood. The non-clogging formula means it is guaranteed to empty 100% every time and the precise writing nozzle makes spraying symbols easy. Soppec is also backed by an ISO 9001 certification for demonstrating consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

“Best ground marker that we have. Uses every last bit of paint, and is easy to use. Service is great, no messing around at Vanguard, great team” – Ben (Civil & Roading Industry)

It typically dries in just 10 minutes, therefore improving operational efficiencies and reducing downtime. The tough safety cap can sustain a drop from a height of up to 1.5m. The safety twist-cap opening also covers the spray trigger when not in use, which means that there is no risk of accidental paint/gas discharge, avoiding unnecessary mess in your work vehicle and wasted product.

Upside down spray paint

Easy application

While Soppec paint can be applied by hand, there is also a range of applicators available. This includes back-saver wands (both with and without a wheel) which improves speed, accuracy and reduces back strain and application guns which are great for stencilling. 

Soppec is a highly visible and environmentally-friendly paint range designed for precision marking, while also keeping the person applying it free from harm. The Soppec range of spot marking paints is designed to meet all identification work needs with its purpose-designed application accessories and aerosol spray paints. Soppec also produces a range of line marking paints which you can find here.

Soppec marking paint order

For more information regarding these products and to view the full range, download the Soppec Paint Brochure. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our Safety Consultants to discuss the suitability of these products for your next project or place your paint order today using our convenient Soppec Paint Ordering Portal